USA PICTURES: Mostly Middle Years Pictures

Uncategorized March 27, 2021
CDC School, office and temporary dorm 1985

Main original house in distance at the Christian Deaf Center in about 1983. Various crops were grown

Close-up of the main house at CDC. Blake’s stayed there with one or more students/faculty eating or staying with them. The school had about 260 acres out in the Arkansas Ozarks area. Very pretty, but came with jiggers, poisonous snakes, some very hot weather and a few tornado warnings to add spice to life!

Elder Clarence Kohler’s personal home built on the grounds of CDC. For a time, the younger students met for class in their sun room.

Saying “Good-Bye” to the school family and friends nearby as Blake’s left Arkansas to return to Canada in 1985. They had come in 1982 and returned to Canada to live in Alberta. John began full time deaf work there. Alberta began for a deaf student, and also worked in the Canadian Union College factory. This all helped enable them to function while not actually employed by the local Conference. Blake worked with various Seminars and evangelistic meetings for Deaf, as well as a cable TV program for Deaf – also shown on 3ABN.
After two years Blake returned to hearing pastoral work for a time, then to a mix of Hearing and Deaf Ministry.

Sign Singing at a 2003 Milo baptism at the riverside

Chuck McGehee at the 2004 Milo Camp Meeting

The Beautiful location at Milo Academy for the yearly Mts.

The Beautiful location at Milo Academy for the yearly Mts.

One of the many Milo Camp meeting Friday night communion services held in the Milo Academy church (LtoRight) Mike Johnson, Chuck McGehee, Alfred Griffith and David Trexler
This is a treasured time at the Milo Deaf Camp Meetings!

Someone jumping into the river at Milo during the afternoon recreation time-under the covered bridge

The unique ‘covered bridge’ entrance over the river to the Milo Academy campus grounds

Art Griffith

Sabbath Fellowship time in the Portland area

In the control room at Gospel Outreach during recording sessions. 2 new deaf programs recorded each year that are shown on 3ABN, HOPE & LLBN satellite stations