Deaf Resources

For a list of Deaf SDA Ministries Website links, please click here.

Easy English Sabbath School Quarterly Now Available on iPhones & Android Phones

Easy English Sabbath School Quarterly is now available on iPhones and Androids! Install “Sabbath School 4” app at Android Play store or iTunes store. Click on “Adult Sabbath School” on the main screen. You will find Easy English Sabbath School Quarterly on the bottom of each lessons (icon of a flag).

It is Written Daily Devotionals in ASL

To sign up to receive daily devotionals in ASL from It Is Written, go to and sign up on the bottom form (not the top one).

Can You Hear Us?

Can You Hear Us? is a compact quick reference guide to Deaf ministry loaded with amazing tidbits, myth-busters, surprising statistics, some how-to’s and heart-warming stories.

This booklet was penned by Esther M. Doss, a CODA (Child of Deaf Adults). Growing up in the Deaf-World, she knows well the struggles Deaf people have in their spiritual journeys. “Deaf ministry is not left only to those who know American Sign Language,” Doss explains. “Deaf ministry is not simply an interpreted service. It’s much more than that! The most important element of ministering to Deaf people is friendship. Even if you don’t know how to sign, you can still be a friend.”

Click here to read the booklet “Can You Hear Us?”

The Deaf Messenger magazine

The Deaf Messenger Magazine, published by Three Angels Deaf Ministries, is a quarterly magazine mailed free to Deaf people to help us all understand the Bible and Jesus Christ better.

Easy Reading Sabbath School Quarterly in English

The Easy Reading edition of the Adult Sabbath School Bible Study Guides serves the spiritual needs of the Adventist Deaf community. The weekly format of each Easy Reading lesson includes helpful definitions of certain key words along with illustrations of important ideas.

Deaf Bible School (in English)

Three Angels Deaf Ministries provides several sets of Bible Study lessons in easy English online.

Southern Deaf Fellowship online church

Southern Deaf Fellowship church provides livestream sermons (in ASL) online every Sabbath at 11:30 Eastern Standard Time. Archive of sermon videos posted online.

Three Angels Deaf Ministries online sermon videos

Archive videos of sermons by David Trexler who is the Director/Speaker of Three Angels Deaf Ministries.

Listing of churches in United States of America

A listing of churches with a Deaf congregation, Sabbath School Deaf group, or interpreters in the United States of America.

Many videos are subtitled/captioned in English.

ADMI’s Strategic Plan to Reach Deaf People

Ministry to the Deaf is God’s mission but the church is the agency He has chosen to reach this people with the gospel.  We must not exclude Deaf people from the strategic planning of the church.

Click on the link below to read the Adventist Deaf Ministries International’s strategic plan document by Larry Evans: 

Strategic Plan to Reach Deaf People

** If you know any articles about the Deaf Ministry published in any Adventist magazines, please let us know! **

Articles published about Adventist Deaf Ministry: “Two Firsts for Deaf Ministries at GC Session” article from Adventist Review magazine. “Seeing Is Believing: If those who are deaf don’t “see” the gospel, how can they believe it?” cover story from the Adventist Review magazine. “A Hidden Mission Field” written by late Arthur Griffth for the Ministry magazine. “Leading the Silent Sheep” by late Arthur Griffith published in Ministry magazine.    “Do We Hear Them?,” an article written by Larry Evans (Silver Spring, MD, USA) in the Adventist World magazine. The article starts at page 16. “Can You Hear Us Now?” published in Adventist Review magazine “A Not-So-Silent Ministry” article written by Deaf Pastor Jeff Jordan (Collegedale, TN, USA).    “That All May Know Him: Reaching the Deaf” article starts at page 4. It was published in the Atlantic Union Gleaner magazine (Southern New England, USA) and written by Jessica McGowan (Worcester, MA, USA). “What Can She Do.” Francisca Trexler, from Lanham, MD, USA, tells her inspiring story and gives tips on ministering to the deaf community.

Interesting Random Deaf News/ Articles

“Strangers Used Sign Language To Make His Day Easier, His Final Reaction Was Priceless”. Read it at