USA PICTURES: Mostly Earlier Pictures

Uncategorized March 16, 2021

In earlier years of Deaf Ministry you would read about Pastors Clarence Kohler, John Issler, Rex Rolls, Arthur, Alfred or Ben Griffith, and there were several newsletters – probably almost the first by Arthur Griffith. This picture was out of an old newsletter.

Photo by Greg Neuman at the 1978 Milo Camp Meeting
North American Leaders/members getting together about 1998

Elder Vanquez (center), GC Ministries Dept., (with David Trexler and interpreter) in November 1998 during a meeting at the General Conference where the future of Deaf Ministry was being discussed. Christian Record was closing their Deaf Department, and now different ideas were being discussed by deaf leaders from around North America. What would happen in the future to Deaf Ministry?

The office (on right) built by the Apache Junction SDA Church for ADM to use as an office for Deaf Ministry. This was used until Hovey resigned and Trexler took over.