Ukunda Centra Church Special Needs in the Mombasa Area of the East Kenya Union

News August 25, 2020
Mrs. Witness Nyevu

Mrs. Witness Nyevu, a long-time active worker with the Deaf in the coastal area around Mombasa, organized a one week training session in connection with the Ukunda Central church. The emphasis was on teaching sign language so those learning could be involved with Deaf Ministry.

One of the key members of the team was Pastor Nzaka along with two local lay Special Needs leaders. Mrs. Witness informs us that “in the evening
quite a number of members attended the training sessions and the training attracted even non – Christian and Muslims since most of the time they interact with deaf people and they are unable to communicate so this was a great opportunity to the members.

On Wednesday we were privileged to have the chairman for the deaf, Mr. M Rama, visiting us – who is deaf. We were amazed to hear from them that there were many parents in Ukunda who had locked their children at home and have denied the rights for their children while some are not even aware of their rights and they were ready to work with the church to ensure they are educated.” … “Rama went ahead and even proposed if one deaf could be appointed and trained as a pastor for the deaf in Ukunda. Mind you this suggestion was raised by the deaf leader who is a Muslim. He promised to work with the organizers to bring more for the awareness day on Saturday.” Witness also explained: “On Thursday the learners had to do some internal assessment which would enable them qualify to register with the High vision institute for special Education for a certificate course in sign language, and hence do an exam in November. All the learners sat for the assessment and they all did very well.

It is wonderful to see lay members, whether Hearing or Deaf, combining their skills and time to work in Ministry with Deaf. This combination of effort is necessary all over the world!

Source: Gospel Outreach Deaf Department