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Babcock, Ivan

faithful Deaf member in Dartmouth, NS who finally lost his sight as well as his hearing. With some strong urging, Babcock finally learned braille – a huge blessing for him!

Blake, Art & Viola

Gave liberally to help enable IIW to be captioned. Viola spent many hours entering names into the first Canadian deaf ministry database in the CUC computer system.

Canadian 1980’s SDA Deaf- (Rear:LtoR): Dorothy Crombie (BC), Greg Greenwood (BC), Judith Oslund (AB), Ravi Coughlan (BC) Front f:-Robert Hartfeil (BC) & Leona Thomas (AB) Picture taken at Hope, BC, mini Camp Meeting for the Deaf

Bol, Karen

A non-SDA Interpreter at the Harmony church who at first didn’t agree with Elder Santos, but finally became convinced that what she was interpreting – was really truth. Later marriednan SDA teacher in Calgary and now back in Ontario interpreting.

Booth, Judy

Has helped some, as she could, with interpreting and was a great help to Leona Thomas in her old age. Has also been a friend to Judith Whitford/Stothart.

Brown, Nancy & Ron

Nancy helped with the Deaf Fellowship Days in the Fraser Valley and attended the Hope Mini-Camp Meetings for the Deaf with husband Ron. They live at Everson, WA (next to the Canadian border) and run a biology business there.

Carvajal , Jessica

A young single lady from the Fraser Valley who has begun helping with interpreting for Sam at the Surrey church. Jessica is working on Level 2 & 3 in ASL.

Coleman, Fiona

Taking the course in professional interpreting in Manitoba. Has been helping with deaf ministry in her church in Winnipeg.

Coughlan, Ravi

became a member at Edmonton South. Interested both Greg Greenwood and Terese Rognmo who both ultimately became members during the Jordan meetings in Burnaby, BC in about 1998.

Crombie, Dorothy

A deaf lady from BC who went to Jericho Hill deaf school and was baptized during one of the Milo Deaf Camp Meetings.

Daquila, Romeo

Saw to it that the Ontario Conference budgeted for the Trexler Evangelistic series in Toronto just before the 2010 GC session there.

Gaull, Elder Jim

The only Deaf Ministry Director that the BC Conference ever had. Now ‘officially retired’, but still interested in Deaf Ministry. Signs some. Years ago helped with the deaf group near the SDA Seminary at Andrew’s University.

Jim Gaul signing with a Deaf Blind lady. Jim was the Deaf Ministry Director in BC

Goltz, Connie

Interpreted for several years at the Edmonton South church especially for Judith Whitford/Stothart.

Griffith, Arthur

His parents moved to the Peace River District of Northern Alberta. He became Deaf in 1929 through spinal meningitis. He went to deaf school in Winnipeg in 1930 and later to Jericho Hill Deaf school in Vancouver, BC. In
1940, he returned to the USA and after working for some time in the Eastern USA moved to Oregon where he met his wife Alyce. Arthur worked initially as a machinist and finally became a major leader in ministry to Deaf in the SDA church. [Most of his story is in the USA section!] Arthur became the first deaf person to be ordained as a minister to Deaf in the SDA church.

Greenwood, Greg

Had been interested by Ravi Coughlan. Was baptized during the Jordan evangelistic series in about 1998 in Burnaby. Attended some functions in both BC and Alberta and helped with talks at our last Hope Mini camp meeting.

Hartfeil, Robert & Olga

Robert was born deaf and was one of the first SDA Deaf in Canada, married a hearing lady, Olga, who thought he would learn to talk. Robert thought she would learn to sign, but she never became an accomplished signer. Roberta colporteured some and remained faithful to the Lord. Attended church for years even when most of the time no one signed for him.

Hines, Samuel

A new deaf SDA immigrant from Germany. A hearing friend, Mateusz Sobezak, took an interest in helping Sam, as best he could, at the Surrey SDA church in the Fraser Valley. Mateusz and Sam are also coordinating with the Ferndale SDA church in Washington and have also been to Seattle to meet with the deaf group there.

Samual Hines (kneeling), a newer immigrant to Canada, has been so happy to find other SDA Deaf in BC or in Washington State. Mateusz Sobezak(2nd from R) has been a real blessing in helping Sam adjust to the Surrey BC church situation.

Hong, Han

Very interested and helpful to Deaf Ministry in BC, helping host the meals and location for various Deaf Fellowship times in Surrey, BC.

Hyde, Vera

Has deaf cousin, Judith Whitford, and supportive of Deaf Ministry. Vera has tried to do some interpreting for Judith in the Ryley Church.

Issler, Elder John

A Canadian who canvassed his way across Canada and down the west coast of the USA. Did much in the late 40’s and for some years to help promote and organize deaf ministry in the USA.

Jackman, Kenaya

Has taken some training in professional Interpreting. Living in the greater Toronto area, and trying to help with plans for deaf work in Ontario.

Johnson, Pam & Mother

Pam is deaf and a member living near Edmonton, AB. It was because she faithfully attended the 2015 IIW series in Edmonton that her interpreter, Fern Russel, became an SDA.

Kelly, Paul & Tina

Paul & Tina Kelly

Paul was from Edmonton, Alberta and became an SDA through deaf friends. Les Oslund, from Ryley, AB, had been a friend for many years. Paul was ordained to the ministry under Dr. Larry Evans. He has not pastored in Canada, but helped with follow-up to the Trexler Toronto Deaf series in 2000 at the time of the 2,000 GC session.

McKay, Judy

Now lives in BC, but for some time interpreted for Judith Whitford at the Edmonton South Church.

Meunier, Heather

Has a deaf son, used to interpret in the school system, and helped interpret in some other situations on Vancouver Island.

Michael, Marlene

A professionally trained interpreter who also has an MA in counselling. Used to interpret in Edmonton, AB. Now Marlene mostly works in counselling in Fredericton, NB.

Mohammed, Samir

Is the only deaf Adventist in Manitoba and a young lady in Winnipeg – has been helping Mohammed some with interpreting.

Oslund’s: Judith, Les and Sandy

Judith was from Ryley, AB and had to attend deaf school in Montreal. Brought up with an SDA mother -Was baptized in Edmonton. Her brother, Les, was a good friend of Paul Kelly in Edmonton (Paul later became a pastor). Les was married to Sandy who now lives in Kelowna. For many years Les worked at the CUC furniture factory and then for a time at the ABC store.

Persaud, Nigel & Ruby (both deaf)

Nigel was baptized as an SDA and with Marian Rochford, in the 1990’s, helped start deaf ministry with a signing class at the Harmony Church in Toronto. Married an SDA deaf young woman from the USA.


Erika Olfert’s mother (deceased)- This hearing lady did some early pioneer deaf work in Victoria, BC, and Arthur Griffith paid a visit there when he was visiting around in the USA & Canada.

Reimche, Terra & Jason

Relatives of the Blake’s. Both sign and Jason is deaf – in Edmonton, AB

Rochford, Dan & Marian

Pastor Dan Rochford’s wife, Marian, was a key figure in starting a Deaf Ministry in the Harmony church in Toronto. Has taught signing there and at Coralwood Academy when she taught there. Can interpret in her Red Willow SDA church near Edmonton, AB.

Rognmo, Terese

Newly married, 2017, Terese Rognmo & Stephen Hucke

Was influenced by Ravi Coughlan and came to Jordan’s 1997 deaf evangelistic series in Burnaby, BC. Has recently moved to the Vancouver, WA area and just married a newly baptized SDA deaf man from the Portland, OR area, Stephen Hucke, in the summer of 2017.

Russel, Fern

A professional interpreter in Edmonton who interpreted herself into the church in 2015 when the It is Written speaker, John Bradshaw, had meetings in Edmonton. Fern is attending the St. Albert Church.

Smart/Blake, Taigen

Has been taking the professional interpreting course in Ontari. Now has moved to the Vancouver area where she is working on her degree in interpreting!

Sobezak, Mateusz

A fairly recent immigrant from Poland. Has been helping with his deaf SDA friend, Samuel Hines, at the Surrey church in the Fraser Valley of BC.

Thomas, Leona

Leona Thomas, a well known SDA deaf lady in Alberta – became an SDA through influence of an
SDA neighbor

An early SDA deaf member in Canada living in NE Alberta. Became SDA through a neighbor. Attended Bowden camp meetings and left funds
in a legacy for deaf work.

Thorps, Richard and Shirley

For a long time interested in Deaf Ministry. Gave hospitality for deaf fellowship meals. Blake’s and Francisca Trexler stayed in their home during the Calgary Family Life meetings for Deaf.

Volk, Bryan

Was a professional interpreter who helped interpret in the 1980’s in Alberta, but had to give up interpreting because of carpel tunnel complications. Not now a member.