Natural Bridge Deaf Camp 2015

The Deaf Camp is now history. It was a great weekend, but very busy.

Dr Larry Evans, Assistant to the President for Special Needs Ministries (Deaf, Blind, Orphans, the Physically, Mentally and Emotionally Limited), General Conference of Seventh-day Adventist, gave two very inspiring spiritual presentations, and a very interesting presentation on how God is reaching out to Deaf people. We hope to have all three of these loaded onto our YouTube channel as soon as they can be edited. This may take a little time as they all have to be edited.

Lee Evans, Christian Services for the Blind and Hearing Impaired (CSFBHI), gave a presentation on the work CSFBHI was doing and hoped to do in the future. He also gave complete DVD sets of the “Beyond Search” series, with closed captions, to those at the camp. The cost of closed captioning this series was paid for by CSFBHI.

Saul and Rebecca Thurowgood also joined us on Sunday to share with us work that is being undertaken to translate the Bible into sign language.

On Sunday night we walked to the Glow-worm cave. We were fortunate enough to complete our visit just before a bus full of tourists arrived, so had the cave virtually to ourselves.

It’s now time to start planning for next year’s Deaf Camp, perhaps in New South Wales.