Ma’s Good News

News July 23, 2015

Airyl was one of the girls baptized by Pastor Jeff Jordan in February 2015.  I called her mother about her decision last February and she said she and her husband gave permission if Airyl decided to be baptized.

Whenever Airyl goes home she always attends church on Sabbath.  The brethren in her home church found it difficult to entertain her because they didn’t know how to sign.  But they admired Airyl because she came to church all alone even if nobody could interpret for her.

Last summer, the long two and a half month vacation made Airyl home sick for the School for the Deaf.  She missed the visit to other churches each Sabbath with her classmates and teachers.  She asked her younger brother to accompany her to church.  Although he couldn’t interpret for her, at least he could keep her company.  He loved the songs, he loved the messages.  He joined the Bible study classes.

Last week when I went to meet Airyl’s mom, she said “ I have good news for you.”

“What is that? I can hardly wait to hear.”

“I am happy to tell you that Airyl’s brother was baptized last summer.”

“That indeed is good news to me.  Thank you so much for the Good News! May God be praised!”

Airyl lives up to the School’s motto:  “They shall be taught of God and they will hear and speak of God.”

“Airyl and her brother are now living a new life in Christ. What about you?”  I asked the mother.

“Whenever you visit a church near my home please give me a call.  I’d love to come and join you in worship,” she said.

Last Sabbath, we called Airyl’s mother and told her that we would be spending Sabbath near her home. She joined us in worship. She was so happy and proud but choked with tears to see Airyl and her brother sing a duet, her brother with his mouth and Airyl with her hands.

“By the way,” she said further, “We have sold all our pigs as requested by Airyl and her brother.”

This is good news indeed! Praise the Lord!

By: Sarah A. Famisaran
SULADS Comprehensive School for the Deaf
July 2015