Finding Joy in Suffering Webinar with Sign Language Interpreters

News April 23, 2021

Free Webinar April 24th, 2021 with 10 Sign Language Interpreters!

Life sometimes gets turned upside down and sometimes it hurts. Grief is common to all of us. The pandemic impacted the whole world and with it many have lost loved ones, Suffering, however, is not limited to disease. Tragedies come in many forms. We are reaching out to all regardless of nationality, race, or religion. You will hear from mental health specialists and from those who have suffered loss.

The global webinar is free. We believe you will find it educational, inspirational, and motivational. We invite you to join us for this special event.

Select your area of the world and click on the link.

ASL interpreters as well as ten other sign language interpreters will be provided!


Asia & Oceania:…/WN_tAVAriaTQBasuLbWHnW99w


North, Central & South America:…/WN_ZT3sMKKFQMa8-4ym-qhYbw