Deaf Ministry in New York City, USA

News December 3, 2018

For several months Francisca Trexler has been giving Bible studies with Deaf people from Bronx through a video phone call. It was a very frustrating experience because it wasn’t easy for some Deaf persons to find a Bible verse. An Adventist Deaf member who grew up in Adventist home wasn’t familiar with the Bible. She has a little knowledge of the Bible. Francisca tried very hard showing her where to find it. I watched the struggle and began to think of sending her to Bronx to make the Bible study successful through her presence. I discussed with her the idea of staying in Bronx. She agreed so we spent much time in prayer about the possibility for her to come to Bronx. However, Francisca wasn’t familiar with the city of Bronx so we decided to try to get help from a Deaf friend who lives there. But, God did a wonderful way of providing a place for Francisca to stay and to study.

There was a special meeting given by Jessica McGowan Smith who brought 12 Deaf people in a rented van to attend a Spanish Adventist church where Pastor Manuel Rosario, Personal Ministries Director for the Greater New York Conference would be. We thought it was a good opportunity for us to go there to help with the establishment of the Deaf ministry in this conference. So, we drove up to the Soundview SDA Church. Charmaine Logan, Pura Valdez and Hector Camacho showed up at the church to be partof the special meeting. The meeting was productive and Charmaine would be able to help Francisca to find a place to stay.

A few weeks later Francisca went to Bronx by train and she stayed at Charmaine’s friend’s apt. Tuesday to Friday Francisca worked with Pura and Hector at the Spanish church for two weeks. Later Pura and Hector invited their two other friends to join the fellowship. The Bible study was effective because Francisca helped them to know where to find texts in the Bible. It was a very enriching experience for them.

After two weeks Francisca joined with them in a bus to the camp meeting at Cherokee Camp near Lake Saranac. But Francisca left the bus at Albany where David picked her up on the way to the camp meeting. As per Jessica McGowan Smith’s suggestion Francisca met with those people in a different room to share the speakers’ presentation to simplify the message for their sake since they were not familiar with the Bible. It was a true blessing for them.

Francisca will return to Bronx to continue with the mission work with hopes that more Deaf people will join the Bible study group. I believe that it is the first time for 3ADM to send out its Bible worker to the area that has no skilled leader to lead the Deaf to know JesusChrist. New York City is a huge territory that needs the light of hope. 3ADM is anxious to have more workers in different dark areas of the North America. Is it possible? With God and your support, yes. Please pray for them and let the Holy Spirit guide and touch them to accept Jesus Christ.

News source from Three Angels Deaf Ministries: