Central Valley Deaf Ministries Hosts Prophecy Seminar Live Streaming

News March 30, 2015

Hello Everyone,

We the Central Valley Deaf Ministries group are pleased to announce that there will be live streaming on Prophecy Seminar. Pastor David Trexler from the Three Angels Deaf Ministries will be our speaker in a series of 16 meetings. The link is as follows:


On Air Schedule:
Tue Mar 31 7:00 pm
Wed Apr 1 7:00 pm
Fri Apr 3 7:00 pm
Sat Apr 4 7:00 pm
Sun Apr 5 7:00 pm
Tue Apr 7 7:00 pm
Wed Apr 8 7:00 pm
Fri Apr 10 7:00 pm
Sat Apr 11 11:00 am
Sat Apr 11 7:00 pm
Sun Apr 12 7:00 pm
Tue Apr 14 7:00 pm
Wed Apr 15 7:00 pm
Fri Apr 17 7:00 pm
Sat Apr 18 11:00 am
Sat Apr 18 7:00 pm

After the first meeting, email address will be required to view the channel.
No guarantee that live streaming works well. We do our best to make it work smoothly and nicely. Be patient while we smooth out first few meetings. If it continue not reliable, you will be promptly notified.

Anyone having experience with ustream.tv, please feel free to share your tip with us. iPhone with telephoto lens will be used.

Please spread the announcement to your friends.

Isaiah 43:8

Central Valley Deaf Ministries