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Uncategorized February 16, 2021
Getting cross Canada Church Deaf Ministry mailing with samples and DVD

Alberta Pastoral Deaf Ministry Display

Alan Meis Voice Track Recording of the Jesus Life Story Video series- in house wash alcove

Esther Doss Signing Jesus Video Chapter Intros

The Blake Family were at The Christian Deaf Center from 1982-1985. Pastor Blake taught on the adult level while Alberta taught in the lower
levels which varied considerably.

First Deaf Graduates of Lowry College- formerly students at the Kollegal Child Impact Deaf School.

Gospel Outreach workers and church leaders in India Training session in 2018.

Church for the Deaf in India built with funds from a donor(s) in Canada.

Dorm built at the Philippine SULADS deaf school largely with funds from Canada.

A special Deaf Day weekend at the Sherwood Park SDA church in Alberta. Deaf came from as far away as Calgary, AB and Winnipeg, MB. There was a real surprise when Elder & Mrs. David Trexler showed up as a total surprise to Pastor Blake – then making a special presentation to them for their years of work for the Deaf. Shown here is Elder Trexler giving a presentation.