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Devotionals and Videos- Adventist Deaf Ministries International

      Visit Hope Channel Deaf for signed and subtitles videos in ASL/English, Portuguese, German, Spanish and French

        Devotional Video "Stolen Suitcases" by Francisca Trexler

      "Obedient Grasshoppers" Devotional in ASL by David Trexler

               "Unkind Words" Devotional Signed in ASL by Francisca Trexler

           "Beautiful Hands" in ASL by Speaker/Director of Three Angels Deaf Ministries David Trexler

      NAD CALLED Convention & The Deaf Ministry

      "Jesus is Coming, Our Hope" Music Video Signed by Taida Rivero

      Deaf Brazil Sign Language WebEvangelism

      Deaf Pastor Douglas Domingos Da Silva
      Title: Garments of Grace

      First sermon: Garments of Adam and Eve

      Second sermon: The parable of the wedding

      Third sermon
      : The parable of prodigal son

      Georgia- Cumberland Conference Camp Meeting Livestream

      "Georgia-Cumberland Camp Meeting took place on campus of SAU (Southern Adventist University) May 27-30, 2015 with about two dozens deaf and their families or friends watching two ASL (American Sign Language) interpreters interpreting Dwight Nelson’s sermons.

      For the first time, a team of two interpreters were broadcast live over the Internet! You can view them on the GCC website." - Pastor Jeff Jordan

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      Central Valley Deaf SDA Church Evangelism Livestream

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      Brazilian Deaf Skit during Deaf Congress in 2014


      Deaf Church Group in Latvia

      Health Expo Accessible to the Deaf in England

      “One other thing we were happy to help with was health checks. The other section of our church tent had an area where people could get free health checks and advice, but in previous years this was not really accessible to the Deaf because there was not an interpreter. However, this year with the help of our enthusiastic and helpful members of the Deaf Ministries team were were able to help some Deaf persons to get health checks and more.”

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      Deaf Ministry- Mission Field Close to Home

      Presented by Pr. Larry Evans via Adventist News Network. (Click on CC for subtitles)

      It is Written Daily Devotional Videos in ASL

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