Second Annual Camp Meeting of Ghana Deaf Ministry

The second annual camp meeting of Ghana Deaf Ministry which commenced on the 9th day of September, 2015 came to a close on Sunday, 13th September, 2015. The venue for the camp meeting was Agona SDA Senior High School. The Theme for the 2015 camp meeting was captioned ‘REVIVAL AND THE SECOND COMING OF CHRIST’. The Theme song was taken from Seventh-day Adventist Hymnal (SDAH 231 & 214). “Lift up The Trumpet & We Have This Hope “.

* Total attendance of sixty-six deaf (66)  people attended with forty-two (42)  hearing people visiting us at the camp site. The deaf members came from the following deaf churches:

1. Kwadaso ………..24

2. Atimatim ……….14.

3. Sekyedumasi …..5

4. Bekwai ……………16

5. Wiamoasi ………7

*  The following were the Officiating  Ministers assigned to our camp meeting:

  1. Pr. Dr. Kwanin Kwame Boakye   –   President (NGUM)
  2. Pr. Dr. Kwame Annor Boahen     –  Executive Sec. (NGUM)
  3. Pr. Dickson Sarfo Marfo              –  Treasurer (NGUM)
  4. Pr. Adjei Baah                           –  Communication / Global Mission (NGUM)
  5.  Pr. Anthony Yeboah  Amoako    –  President (CGC)
  6. Pr. Dr. James Amoah                  –  Executive Sec. (CGC)
  7. Pr. Abankwa Amoakohene          – President (MVGC)
  8. Pr. Seth Asiedu                         – President (MCGC)

*  Host Pastors were:

  1. Pr. Henry Brenya Afoakwa         – Deaf Ministries Supervisor
  2. Pr. A. B. A. Prempeh                    – Global Mission / Publishing (MVGC)

*  Each of the Officiating Ministers delivered a very good presentation. The deaf members expressed much joy after the camp meeting and even wished that the days could be extended.

*  Some of the topics treated by the pastors included the following:

  1. Watch and  pray
  2. Better days ahead
  3. The two classes
  4. Drugs, alcohol and sex
  5. You and your health
  6. Honour the invitation
  7. Keep your lamps burning
  8.  Why do we need baptism?
  9. Problems faced by singles and the married
  10. Testimony  and  thanksgiving
  11. Praying in circles
  12. Giving unto God – Why Tithe is important
  13. Drama –Without a wedding garment
  14. Songs night
  15. Endure to the end.

*  Special games were also organized for the deaf. The games included lemon & spoon, sack race and others.

*  Throughout the camp meeting, prayer bands were set in place and members were grouped into sections to pray in circles.

*  One of the programs which deaf members have a lot of issues and questions to ask was marriage program which was conducted by Pastor Adjei Baah of Northern Ghana Union Mission, Communication / Global Mission Director. The deaf were divided into sections , namely:

  • Married men
  • Married women
  • Singles

This time each group was given an assignment to perform and then report was submitted for discussion. Again members expressed their joy and remarked that it was really a blessing to attend this camp meeting.


*  During the Sabbath hours a beautiful worship was conducted and we were blessed by the sermon  Pr. Dickson Sarfo Marfo presented to us on ‘Revival and the Second Coming’. In the afternoon on the Sabbath we conducted baptism and to the Glory of God, twelve (12) deaf members were baptized and were added to the church.

*  During our first deaf camp meeting last year we baptized ten souls.

*Conclusively, I would like to express my profound appreciation  on behave of the Deaf Ministry to the following:

  1. Our Good Lord who made it possible for the camp meeting came into fruition.
  2. The Pastors assigned to our camp meeting for leaving any stone unturned in an effort to give the Word of God, counseling and had time to pray for campers or anyone who needed their assistance.
  3. Special thanks to Northern Ghana Union Mission for sponsoring this camp meeting.
  4. The kitchen staff also needs to be commended for their services rendered.
  5. The headmaster of Agona SDA Senior High School for given us free accommodation.
  6. Lastly, all deaf churches in the various Conferences for attending this important camp meeting.

I will describe our second deaf camp meeting as memorable, successful, and extraordinaire.

May God Richly Bless You.


Humbly Submitted,

Pr. Henry Brenya Afoakwa

Deaf Ministries Supervisor

MVGC/CGC, Ghana.