Gospel Worker Harrison's Report in Ghana by

Uncategorized February 18, 2021
2 weeks of the Sabbath, Ghana Adventist Deaf Ministry, Central Ghana Conference of SDA Church at Kwadaso, Started the Ten (10) Days of Prayer – Presented by Harrison Osei Antwi.

Our Deaf church member pay attention on what the preacher is going on presented by Harrison Osei Antwi .
Topic: Promises for forgiveness (2 Chr. 7:14-16)

From L to R: Noah is a deaf man and he is an Adventist church member for a long time. His father is an Elder SDA Church in the Accra. Harrison GO-W and His wife (Mavis Osei Antwi) and Brother Charles Aborra, Sign Language Interpreter to Brother Noah at the Accra SDA. He is also member of the SDA Church in the Accra.

Pastor Ezekiel Osei Asamoah from (Pioneer Ghana Conference) and Brother Charles Aborra (Sign Language Interpreter) to Harrison and his wife during the Outdoor name for the baby boy.

Visit with the deaf church leader and any two deaf church members to pay a visit the deaf young girl home and who has been in an accident and by God’s grace that is well and she came back to worship with us at the Kwadaso deaf church.
The Ten (10) Day of Prayer with the other deaf Adventist Deaf Church at the Koforidua.