Goma, Congo Deaf Group

News May 18, 2020

News sent by Elder Paul Muasya. Published in Canadian Deaf Ministries International.

“Since August 2018 up to today, Adventist Deaf Ministry in Goma, North East Congo Union (NECUM) has grown to an active group of 84 Deaf. 47 are of them are already baptized in the Union.

We have Bible studies with the Deaf according to the Gospel Out- reach program and they are blessed. We have a program of French sign language interpretation training with church members. Up to today we have 10 sign language interpreters in the churches in Goma.

We organize each quarter a Sabbath for Deaf Ministry awareness. Our Union is very large. We need pioneers for Deaf Ministry so that this ministry can reach all our Union.

We are thankful to the Union and Division leadership for supporting the Deaf Ministry.

During the Total Member Involvement , the Deaf were involved in the church program and they helped to bring other Deaf to Christ.