Deaf Ministry Discovered in Indonesia

News May 18, 2020

Muslim Deaf Ladies in Indonesia receiving instruction

Until recently, Pastor Blake was unaware that there was any work for Deaf in the Malaysia/Indonesia part of the world. But God has been working through a young lady, Deicy Weenas, with both ‘vision’ and ‘drive’ to work for Deaf. She has coupled with the government to provide help for the deaf community in Indonesia.

In 2012 she began to seriously learn sign language. Through an internet search, she connected with a deaf lady. As she studied the plight of the Deaf in Indonesia, she saw many problems. She also realized that our SDA church had done nothing to work for Deaf.

Deicy left her good job in a Coal mining company and started a ministry for Deaf called “The Unspoken Ministry-TUM”. She took some outreach ministry training and then began to offer health services to Deaf. She became an ADRA volunteer.

Deicy got involved with the government in helping the Deaf get included in an emergency warning system. Pathfinders and Master Guides got involved along with various church leaders. She also got involved with Deaf in multiple cities, but found that different forms of sign language were being used. She helped with official research through the World Federation of the Deaf. Deicy even gave a report at a United Nations meeting..

Now within the last two years she has been able to start sharing spiritual help with the Deaf. A number of Deaf have been baptised. Deicy reports that there are 10 million Deaf in Indonesia.

Their group worked with the Bandar Adventist Hospital. It has become “The First Deaf-Friendly Hospital in Indonesia”.

They are also starting a deaf school. Deicy is working with 3 newly SDA Deaf and Deicy is to be the principal.

Recently Deicy’s husband has died of lung complications. Our heartfelt condolences to Deicy and her family!

Article from Canadian Deaf Ministry Report International and written by John Blake.

Deicy and her family